“Their customer service, they were prompt, efficient, and knowledgeable. I was completely satisfied with my experience. I would say they did a very good job. They were excellent.”

– Angelina N

“I think they are proficient, timely, and really courteous. I think they are also very qualified. They know what they are doing.”

– Anthony H.

“They were on the ball. The two guys they sent out to install the glass did good work. They were really nice men. They did a good job.”

– Beverly B

“They backed their guarantee. I made the mistake of putting water on the caulking before it dried. When I called them, they came right back and put more caulking on. They were super.”

– Bill D.

“I liked Gregg. He sold me the glass and gave me the price. He was direct. There were no surprises. Everything went smoothly. The service was excellent.”

– Helen M.

“They are highly professional, and they do a fantastic job. I am very happy. They deliver a fantastic product. They are doing a really good job. It’s a great company.”

– Ian M.

“I’ve used them many times. They are very qualified and very pleasant. They go out of their way to make sure it is just what I want.”

– K.G.

“I use them all the time. Their personnel is friendly and customer service oriented. They are there to take care of us.”

– N.V.A.

“They made a mistake measuring. When they came to install it, they realized it didn’t fit, so they went back to get the right size window. They were knowledgeable, courteous, and on time.”

– P.D.