The History of B & L Glass Companympany

B & L Glass Companympany was founded in 1959 by two men, Ed Beatheaud and Art Leandro. Both worked as journeyman glaziers in the city of San Francisco until they teamed up to open their own business in a small building off of Summerfield Road in Santa Rosa, CA. In 1963, they moved their business to its current location on Cleveland Avenue. In 1983, Ed retired from the corporation leaving Art as the sole stockholder. Art, with his wife Gloria, continued to manage and guide B & L Glass Company into the force it is today in the North Bay Area.

In February 1988, Phil Brown was hired as Chief Estimator and in May 1995, Gregg Campbell was brought on board as the IT & Accounting Manager. On May 31, 2000, Art and Gloria retired and sold the outstanding stock to a partnership consisting of Phil and Gregg Campbell.

Company Philosophy

“We handle our customers the same way we handle our fine glass products…with great care. It’s important to us that we give the most prompt, professional service possible. Just doing the job isn’t good enough – it must be done well and be done correctly the first time. And if anything isn’t just right, it must be corrected immediately, no questions asked.”

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